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About Us

 In 1994 Microsoft Corp. got experts to make an examination of software in the fields of spelling-checking of Russian texts. The following features' quality were to examine: spelling and grammar checking, completeness of dictionary, accuracy of wordforms recognition, hyphenation, selection of synonyms etc.

According to results of peer review Microsoft Corp. took a decision on the licensing of Informatic spell-checking modules.

Since 1995 Informatic spell-checking modules are licensed by Microsoft Corp. and incorporated into Localized Russian MS Office. Each new version of Russian Office contains updated Informatic modules.

Since 1989 (the date of foundation) Informatic Ltd develops and implements software in the fields of linguistic technologies.

Today Informatic is one of the topline developer of linguistic software. Our products have won wide acclaim from customers, experts and software industry professionals worldwide.


System of intelligent bi-directional electronic dictionaries CONTEXT
Powerful functionality of CONTEXT makes it handy and reliable tool for those who learn foreign languages or work with them. CONTEXT has a sophisticated user-friendly interface and contains a comprehensive set of common and specialized dictionaries.

Multifunctional spelling check system ORFO
ORFO is a unique system for spelling check of Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese texts. ORFO includes not only a high-quality spelling and grammar check, but also a set of unique and helpful functions necessary for text documents processing. ORFO finds and corrects spelling mistakes; hyphens your documents perfectly, checks grammar and style, makes autosummary of document, shows definition of word, displays possible synonyms and antonyms of the given word etc.

Developers Solutions
Informatic offers a system of mophologic modules developed to resolve a wide range of problems that require searching tools, text information analysis and so on. For example, information retrieval systems, analysis systems, electronic documents catalogs etc. Informatic morphologic modules are based on advanced text processing technologies, linguistic and mathematical algorithms, that can be used in context retrieval in documents considering wordforms, search of synonyms, grammar check and spelling check. These modules are also applicable to databases analysis.

Informatic products have been used by RF President machinery, RF State Duma, USA State Department; by such famous universities as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc.

Such companies as Microsoft, IBM, Boeing, General Motors, Motorola, Philip Morris, Procter and Gamble, Coca-Cola, Siemens, Samsung, Pepsi Co, McDonalds, World Bank, 1C, LUKOIL and many others also use our products.

Users comment on our products

Vyacheslav Preo, Russian Informatics Centre, Paris
"Dear colleagues, at the present time we work with your program "ORFO" only. We highly appreciate linguistic capabilities of this program. It is of help both to those speaking French and Russian. The majority of our clients - firms, universities, students, teachers and private persons (generally French) - use “ORFO” for translations and language studies, and find the program irreplaceable. The main point is that "ORFO" provides access to Russian paradigms. Of course, to select them correctly a person should have a good command of Russian. This orthographic control is very important and helpful even for us, people born in Russia, living abroad and working with two languages".

Anton Shustilov. Accenture information system department
"We work both with "Context" and "ORFO". "Context" is a convenient flexible system. It is very important for a translator to see the compatibility of a given word with other words in different expressions. It is easy to work simultaneously with both English and Russian dictionaries without additional settings".

Vladimir Rosin. A translator of the company Coca-Cola
"What is important about an application program? First of all it is the simplicity and speed of collecting information. "Context" possesses both these qualities. It is easy to handle the program windows to find necessary information. The program is an excellent assistant to those working with special texts".

Alexander Kozlinsky. Pepsi-Cola information system department
"…"Context" and "ORFO" became an important and convenient means of preparing documents. Although people working for the company may be bilingual, the dictionary allows to reach a smoother narrative. It takes less time to search for the word meanings as compared to traditional dictionaries. It is very convenient to have several dictionaries in the same interface. Generally we consider the programs of the company "Informatic" to be safe investment".

Stanislav Orlov. MicroAge
"Thank you a lot for the program! I've been working with it for many years and must say that the 3.51 version is a masterpiece! It works perfectly … and safes an enormous amount of time to the user. Your product is the best among all other electronic dictionaries at our market... Context is, undoubtedly, the leader. I'm looking forward to get new dictionaries and versions of Context. The other thing is service".



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