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Issued professional vocabulary word list for ORFO 2011

 The company "Informatic" is pleased to announce that users now ORFO 2011 can acquire additional vocabulary training vocabulary.

To better check the spelling of ORFO 2011 can connect additional thematic dictionaries by subject area. Vocabulary grouped into two sets depending on the language.

 Package for Russian language vocabulary includes the following topics: Information Technology, Business, Humanitarian, Scientific, Technical, Construction, Oil and Gas, Medical

Package for the English language: Business, Humanities, Science, Technology, Oil and Gas, Medical
To install the necessary vocabulary:
1. Unzip the file.
2. Open: System Preferences -> ORFO 2011 -> tab "Dictionaries"
3. Click on the "+" button at the bottom right of the screen, the drop-down list, select "Add Dictionaries Informatic"
4. Specify the path to the inf-file purchased vocabulary.
System requirements: installed ORFO 2011 for Mac.
ORFO 2011 for Mac - is an advanced full-featured version of the familiar Microsoft Office users on Windows systems check the spelling and grammar.
ORFO 2011 for Mac - proofing service, Russian grammar, spelling, English and Ukrainian languages ​​for users of MacOS X. Works in accordance with the operating system provides the software interface and is available in all applications that support the "Spelling".
In addition, supports spell checking in the package MS Office 2011, and in MS Outlook 2011 still check grammar and style.
Vocabulary can be purchased in stores:

Allsoft: http://allsoft.ru/software/vendors/informatik/orfo-2011-dlya-mac/ # ver_7223098
Softkey: http://www.softkey.ru/catalog/program.php?sphid=42665975&ID=115722 # o576175
The demo version can be downloaded here:
ORFO 2011 for Mac:
Demo Key (valid until 26.02.2012): V285-HD2V-3TRR-ES2C



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