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ORFO 2014 for Mac (electronic delivery)

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ORFO 2014 for Mac- Proofing service, Russian grammar, spelling, English and Ukrainian languages ​​for users of OS X. Works in accordance with the operating system software provided by the interface and is available in all applications that support the "Spelling". In addition, supports spell checking in MS Office package 2008/2011 and in MS Outlook 2011 has grammar checking and style.

ORFO 2014 for Mac includes:

System service

·        Spell check for Russian, Ukrainian and English, added more than 20 000 new words

·        Check grammar and style of the Russian language, more than 5000 new grammar rules

·        The words contained in the user dictionaries, not only highlights the validation, but also take into account when constructing a list of tips

·        The ability to add the words in all forms of morphological dictionaries user

Connecting to MS Office 2008/2011

·        Possibility to check the spelling of text in Russian, English (only in MS Office 2011) and Ukrainian languages

·        Add new words in all forms

·        Hyphenation for Russian and Ukrainian languages

Program Options:

·        The ability to customize a set of rules for grammar checking and style in the texts in Russian

·        The ability to connect user dictionaries, previously formed by other versions of ORFO

·        The ability to edit user dictionaries or create new

·        Set up to work with MS Office applications and MS Office 2011 2008

·        Added the ability to install updates to both software components of the package, and linguistic bases

Russian dictionary collection:

Explanatory dictionary of modern Russian, Explanatory dictionary by V.Dahl, Russian synonyms, antonyms, Russian, Russian paronyms, Etymological, Explanatory Dictionary of Russian language and Dictionary of foreign words in Russian.

And also:

The Updater of check dictionaries

The cost of the first year of updates dictionaries and templates of grammar check already included in the cost of the license.

System service hyphenation for Russian and Ukrainian languages

Grammar reference oаthe Russian language


Download the installation file of ORFO 2014 for Mac http://www.orfo.ru/download/ORFO2014.dmg

To receive the trial key please email trial@informatic.ru

To install ORFO 2014 for OS X requires:

1. Mac computer with Intel ™ processor an i386 or x64 architecture.

 2. Operating System Snow Leopard (version 10.6.6 or later), Lion or MountainLion.

3. 100 Mb of free disk space.

ORFO 2014 for Mac Plus (electronic delivery)


Plus version has the same functionality as the ORFO 2014 for Mac, and also supports spell checking in Adobe InCopy / InDesign CS5, CS5.5 and CS6, SS (32-bit versions);



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